Tueth Keeney Attorney Jim Layton Addresses Missouri Judiciary

Sep 13, 2017

Today Tueth Keeney attorney Jim Layton, formerly Missouri Solicitor General, spoke in the plenary session of the Missouri Judicial Conference in Kansas City.   The Conference includes Missouri’s 142 circuit judges, 201 associate circuit judges, and 39 court of appeals and supreme court judges.

Jim’s topic was, “Five things every Missouri judge should know about the Missouri constitution.” The “five things” Jim discussed are:

  1. It’s not very old.
  2. It’s not a delegation of power.
  3. It’s about procedure, not just substance.
  4. It has its own bill of rights.
  5. Challenges are often tardy.

As Solicitor General, Jim was the State of Missouri’s principal attorney on state constitutional law cases for nearly two decades before joining Tueth Keeney.   He also taught state constitutional law at the University of Missouri Law School, and has been a frequent speaker on the Missouri constitution.

Jim is available to assist clients with state and federal constitutional issues, including the constitutionality of statutes and regulations.