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Our law firm is different by design. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide “big firm” quality legal services with significantly greater responsiveness, efficiency, value, and the individual touch of a dedicated boutique practice. Personal contact, quality services and efficient results are the deeply-held values that shape our relationships and drive our success.  We believe clients deserve honest, accurate, and practical answers to their legal issues, delivered in the most efficient manner, from attorneys they know, like, and trust.

“The attorneys at Tueth Keeney are not only advocates, but also counselors and advisors.  We  work with our clients to prevent legal disputes and minimize risk before the disputes become lawsuits.”

Tueth Keeney has rejected the idea of “being all things to all people.”  Instead, we are deliberately focused on being the best at what we do. Our attorneys provide support to our clients in areas of practice in which Tueth Keeney is recognized for its virtually unmatched expertise:  education law, employment law, immigration law, and litigation.

Our attorneys recognize the need to deliver real-world, tangible solutions with quality and transparency.  We form enduring working relationships and friendships with our clients.  We strive to bring creative thinking and innovative solutions to every client’s legal challenges. By keeping our practice optimized for efficiency, we built a value-driven law firm that is uniquely aligned with our clients best interests.

The traditional practice of law is reactionary, a response to legal disputes after they arise. The attorneys at Tueth Keeney are not only advocates, but also counselors and advisors. We work with our clients to prevent legal disputes, and to minimize legal risks before the disputes become lawsuits. Our firm is widely recognized for not only winning cases, but for helping to prevent cases from being filed in the first place.

Our attorneys routinely provide training to clients and friends of the Firm, including multiple annual free seminars and in-service  sessions on a wide variety of challenging legal issues. In addition, we often provide free email updates to clients and friends of the firm, in an ongoing effort to keep them up to date on important legal developments.

Our attorneys recognize that employers and managers are faced with significant challenges in today’s environment of rapidly-changing economic conditions, ever-increasing governmental regulation, and the spiraling risks of litigation.  Against this volatile background, the hallmark of Tueth Keeney’s unique law practice is our unparalleled record of success in advising and representing our clients, whether public or private, large or small, in their legal matters.

Personal Contact; Quality Services; Efficient Results. We invite you to learn more about our Firm, our practices areas, and our attorneys, and to discover how we can partner with you to successfully  address your legal challenges.

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