Missouri Supreme Court Quarterly Report, January 2020 Part 1: Types, Routes, and Results

Jan 16, 2020

by Jim Layton

The 4th quarter of 2019 saw the handing down of 19 opinions (excluding attorney discipline cases). That compares with 21 opinions in each of the 1st and 2nd quarter, and 13 in the 3rd quarter.

Of the 19 opinions, just 2 were in criminal cases.

Seven of the cases decided in the fourth quarter came directly to the Court on appeal. Four were in writ proceedings.

This quarter, the most transfer cases came from the Southern District: four of the eight, with the other two districts accounting for two each.

The Court affirmed in both criminal opinions. Of the civil cases, the Court reversed at least in part in 7 of the 19 cases.

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