Jim Layton Addressed City Officials Regarding Redistricting in a Webinar Sponsored by the Missouri Municipal League

On August 25, 2021, Jim Layton addressed city officials regarding redistricting in a webinar sponsored by the Missouri Municipal League. Cities and other political subdivisions that elect governing bodies in geographic districts must draw new district lines to reflect the results of the 2020 U.S. Census. The detailed data from the 2020 Census was released on August 12, 2021. As Jim explained, the new districts must meet federal and state requirements””most important, each district must have about the same number

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Jim Layton named to “Power list of Appellate Attorneys”

Missouri Lawyers Weekly has named Tueth Keeney’s Jim Layton to its “Power List of Appellate Attorneys.”   The list was compiled by the Lawyers’ Weekly editorial team, based on appellate opinions, interviews with attorneys and other leaders, and its archive of significant appeals.  Lawyers’ Weekly noted that Jim has argued more than 90 times before the Missouri Supreme Court, and four times before the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Jim Layton publishes, speaks on 8th Circuit practice

Tueth Keeney’s Jim Layton is the author of a chapter in the ninth edition of the Eighth Circuit Appellate Practice Manual, released in October 2020 . The Manual takes a comprehensive look at current practice before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit. That court, based in St. Louis, hears appeals from U.S. district courts in seven states. Along with authors of other chapters, Jim also spoke at a continuing legal education program on

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American Academy of Appellate Lawyers Announces Recommendations for Courts Holding Remote Oral Argument, Developed by Task Force Led by Tueth Keeney’s Jim Layton

The American Academy of Appellate Lawyers has issued recommendations for lawyers arguing by remote video link (Zoom, Teams, Webex, etc.), prepared by the Academy’s Task Force on Remote Oral Argument. Tueth Keeney’s Jim Layton, a Fellow of the Academy, chairs the task force. The recommendations are available here https://www.appellateacademy.org/publications/Counsel_AAAL_Remote_Task_Force_Recommendations_for_Counsel_Final.pdf. The recommendations emphasize that argument by video is a new form of argument-not just a different venue for the same thing. For example, arguing counsel must consider

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Missouri Supreme Court Report: Women Argue Infrequently in the Missouri Supreme Court-Though More Often than in the U.S. Supreme Court

by James R. Layton and Margaret A. Hesse Recently, researchers reported on the gender of attorneys arguing before the U.S. Supreme Court and other appellate courts. As a woman-owned law firm, those reports caught our attention. As the Missouri Supreme Court returns to oral arguments after its summer break, we contribute to that growing body of articles with a look at the gender of those who argue before that Court.

Women on the bench

Before turning to who argues at

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Governor of Missouri Signs into Law Bills Passed in 2020 General Assembly

by Jim Layton Governor Parson has completed action on bills passed by the 2020 Missouri General Assembly. Many of the bills the governor signed may affect Tueth Keeney clients. Among the significant provisions of those bills, most of which become effective August 28:

  • The tort reform bill changes the law regarding punitive damages. It imposes new procedural requirements and a higher burden of proof, bars juries from basing punitive damage awards on harm to persons other than plaintiffs in
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American Academy of Appellate Lawyers Announces Recommendations for Remote Oral Argument Developed by Task Force Led by Tueth Keeney’s Jim Layton

by Jim Layton The American Academy of Appellate Lawyers, a select group of very experienced appellate advocates, has published its recommendations for appellate courts to hear oral arguments remotely. The recommendations were prepared by a task force led by Academy Fellow Jim Layton of Tueth Keeney. They were based on the remote argument experience of Academy Fellows, their colleagues, and clients. The recommendations emphasize three principles:

  • That remote oral argument be used instead of submitting on the briefs cases
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Ian Cooper and Mollie Mohan Win Appeal After Successful Trial

In December of 2018, Ian Cooper and Mollie Mohan won a Judgment for the City of Columbia, Missouri in Boone County Circuit Court.  The case, Sanders v. City of Columbia, involved a former Police Officer for the City who was dismissed following his use of force on a prisoner in a holding cell.  The former Officer filed suit seeking reinstatement, back pay, benefits, and other relief.  A Judge in the Cole County Circuit Court initially ruled in favor of the

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Jim Layton Leads American Academy of Appellate Lawyers Task Force on Remote Oral Argument

Appellate advocacy has changed quickly and dramatically since the arrival of COVID-19, with courts across the country using audio and video links to hold oral arguments electronically. This week, even the U.S Supreme Court joined the movement, holding its very first telephone oral arguments””which included questions from Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg from her hospital room, and an unprecedented number of questions from Justice Clarence Thomas, who is usually quiet during arguments. Tueth Keeney’s Jim Layton has been appointed to chair

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